World Turning Band Prepares for First Show July 12, 2013

World Turning Band is Nashville’s newest tribute band, featuring the songs and styles of Fleetwood Mac.

Though you may not have heard of World Turning Band (yet), you might be familiar with one or more of its members. The idea for World Turning was that of John Foster, who’s release two of his own CD’s, along with having played for The Beach Boys, Sammy Kershaw, and many others.

The group is comprised of six dedicated musicians who all have a love for great, classic rock and roll music.

The songs of Fleetwood Mac we’re chosen due to the large catalogue of familiar hits, matching the syles of many of World Turning Band’s members.

Come see World Turning Band at their first show on July 12 at Nashville’s Eastside Performing Arts Center near 12th ave.