Another Killer World Turning Band Show at Third & Lindsley July 15, 2016

We want to thank everyone who joined us July 15th at Third & Lindsley. What a great evening we had with all of our friends and fans!

The next show is almost confirmed (end of August?), and we’ll be sure to shout it out both here on the website and in Facebook, just as soon as tickets go on sale.

Ps –  We were able to capture a ton of video using 10 different strategically placed cameras at the July 15 show, and look forward to creating new video for all to see!

Again – Thanks to everyone who make our shows possible – Our FANS! Without you, there is no World Turning Band in Nashville 🙂

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January 17, 2014 Gig at Third & Lindsley – Standing Room Only

World Turning Band has done it again! Their January 17th appearance at Nashville’s Third & Lindsley was packed so tight, many guests had no choice but to stand to watch the show. With guests arriving up to two hours early to secure a table, it’s no wonder Third & Lindley’s owner was quoted as saying, “This evening was better than New Year’s Eve”.

The next World Turning show is tentatively scheduled for April 5, 2014 at Third & Lindsley. A link to advanced ticket purchasing will be posted as soon as the event is confirmed.

World Turning Band Packs 3rd and Lindsley!

Thanks to all of our nearly 300 new fans who showed up Saturday, August 17th at 3rd and Lindsley! Thanks to you, we had a great evening, and have been invited back, hopefully this October.


How well did it go? It went something like this:

  • This was World Turning band’s 2nd gig.
  • We were lucky to get “the big room” at 3rd and Lindsley (Thanks Ron!)
  • It was a little bit under-staffed, because they didn’t expect an overwhelming turnout for a band this new.
  • The place was PACKED!


THANK YOU to everyone who attended, and made this such a great evening for everyone who attended. Especially, the band.